11 May 2009

Well that was . . .

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So, I had my first real job interview in six months. By real I mean a job where the company isn't hiring as many warm bodies as possible knowing that they need volume to make up for their revolving door.

And the interview was humbling. I haven't done any hard core web development since 2004 and it showed. I've been doing little side jobs and thanks to them I didn't look like an idiot, just like I was really out of my depth.

So, the plan now is to continue.

Continue looking for work. Continue building my skill set.

I also met with a guy who is doing some consulting and I may head that direction. Based on our conversation, he seems to think I have skills that small businesses need. So I'm looking into that as an option.

I will also get back to using this blog to aggregate information on how to get a job. To add to this I will also be updating my website to include a job search how to section. This serves two purposes. First, it allows me to work on my web dev skill set. Second, my hope is that it will help others find jobs.

Anyway, I now have much to do.

Keep checking back to see where we head.
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