21 November 2009

What Every Man Should Know

Currently I am in college, working towards my bachelor's degree in business management. While I am (mostly) enjoying my learning, I have come to realize that there are gaping holes in my education. I have long envied the renaissance men of old and their classical educations. I realize that I am not going to get that in our modern educational system. I think this is part of why, some time ago, I wanted (and still want) to do a personal study of the U. S. Constitution - how it came to be, the background, the meanings, what the founders intended, etc.

I also think that I was programmed somewhat by my early reading. Louis L'Amour often had characters who were Men. Not simply male gendered, but Men. They were well read. They knew how to shoot and when it was appropriate. They knew how to ride and farm and lead. They were good fathers and husbands. They were adventurers both the physical world and the internal mind.

In short, I have always wanted to be one of those men. This post (which I will update as necessary) is a clearinghouse for what such a man should be. What traits he should have. What he should know how to do.

After typing this far, I realize that this should actually be on a website rather than on a blog post. I will be moving this to my personal website at travellis.uuuq.com/WhataManShouldBe.php. I will put this page up later this weekend.