06 August 2009

Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back . . .

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I wish I could bust rhymes like eminem. Not what this post is about, though.

I am back in the saddle (for the umpteenth time). Life is heading back in the direction it should. I got a J.O.B. that looks like it will stick this time. It doesn't cover what I need, but it's steady income and, for once, I like both the job AND the people with whom I'm working.

Outside of that, I am currently working on two projects. I am helping develop a social networking site focused on the cruise industry. It's actually pretty exciting. I am also taking my sales/construction experience and developing an in-home sales training program that primarily targets home improvement companies but secondarily to anybody that sells in-home.

Not that any of that is even remotely interesting to anyone reading this, but that is where I am at.

I will also follow through with my commitment to start my weekly posts on the Constitution. I'm back to reading in those areas and am excited about sharing what I learn.

Also, I will probably post again later today because we had an experience this week that just SCREAMS to have its story told.

so . . . until later . . . .

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