05 January 2009

Back for the New Year

Self ImprovementImage by cogdogblog via FlickrJust a brief note to say happy new year and that I'm definitely looking forward to 2009. Last year is the first year since I turned 18 that wasn't as good or better than the one preceding it. As I start the new year I am mired mid-way through my BSB/M degree and am looking for a new job.

That being said, I am really looking forward to the future. I thing that part of what prompted me to move on is that I became more aware that I was not doing what I was/am designed to do. Many years ago I went through one of those processes to help individuals determine why they were put here on this big blue marble. Among the insights I had was that I am here to help millions of people put their lives in order both temporally and spiritually.

On the face of it, that is a funny statement as I definitely don't feel that I have My life in order - temporally or spiritually. In my musings of the last couple of weeks I determined that this would be the first step. Before I can help others, I need to have at least started helping myself.

I have an idea for what my process will be - both for myself and for others later on. Look forward to more information as I move along.
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