11 May 2013

Gone Astray

Title page to Locke's Some Thoughts Concerning...
Title page to Locke's Some Thoughts Concerning Education (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So, the idea of awakening at 5:00 each morning to write 500 words was a noble experiment. One that, like many of my "wake up early and (insert verb here)" experiments, which work well for the first few days - then something stops the momentum.

As often happens, life got in the way. However, I will not allow life to impact my desire to write. I'll just have to figure out another way to get words on ... paper. Today is Saturday so that gives me more time.Today my only responsibilities are setting up the nets for my sons' soccer league, going to two games (normally it's three but one team forfeited), then taking down the nets. 

In between all that I need to make sure the house gets cleaned and everyone gets fed.

My Saturdays are pretty much screwed from 7:00 AM until 3:00 PM - and that's just the things I'm committed to doing. I also want to get in time hiking, work in my shop, read, and continue my self-education.

Oh, yeah, and writing.

Shifting gears, I also realized individual blog posts are great for covering individual topics or top-of-mind ideas. However, many of the topics I want to touch are for story development. Pieces for a novel. Short stories. That kind of thing.

While I could do flash-fiction pieces for individual blog posts, it's hard to piecemeal a longer story in a daily blog post.

I guess I could serialize.

That's something to consider.

Further, I could write about the things I love doing. That's what RML constantly suggests I do.

The challenge is, every time I sit down to write about my passions, I feel inadequate to the task. Either that, or I feel the subject matter would just be boring as hell. I mean, really? I'm looking to learn the things I missed having been educated in the educraptastic system that is/was Utah public education. IMO, up until recently the battle cry for Utah public education has been:

Supra omnia, mediocritatem!

The fact that I had to go to Google Translate to get that should speak volumes.

So I've started educating myself in areas where I feel I lack. Math past algebra, the sciences - both physical and social, history, languages -

Oh, yeah, and writing.

Studying those topics interests me. Writing about those topics strikes me as, well, uninspiring.

We'll see. Regardless, I'm committed to writing and, eventually, writing well. Well enough to have something people actually look forward to reading.

I feel like to maintain the continuity, I should end with some sort of concatenated list and ... what?

Oh, yeah, and writing!
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