16 August 2009


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I have been itching to write for some time. And more than just blog entries (though I'm sorry I have neglected those as well). I have ideas running through my brain that would be great foundations for short stories, novellas, or even (dare I suggest it) a novel or two.

I also realize that my writing is more than rusty. I think I can rip out a fairly decent blog post, but I know I'm no longer at the level where I would even consider submitting my work for publication.

So, I'm going to take a page from one of my favorite blog authors - Daniel Howell. I started reading Daniel's work when we both played World of Warcraft. I found his page as a great resource for the game. He also ended up posting stories from his life. I ended up enjoying those even more than the game related posts.

Unfortunately, as anyone who plays WoW knows, for many players there comes a time where they must choose between the game and real life. That happened for me about the same time as it did for Daniel.

While he chose to sever his connection to the game permanently, I am grateful he continues to write at his new blog "Brain Needed Space".

Taking a page from his playbook, I will be writing stories from my life that I find (or found) amusing, touching, or in some other way worthwhile. I will pull from my time spent in the US Army, serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, with friends that have become as close (or closer in some cases) as family.

I hope you enjoy the writing. I encourage critiques on style and structure. Please feel free to comment on subject matter as well. If you have issues with anything I have done or with groups with whom I have (or am currently) affiliated, you can post, but don't expect me to respond. I won't engage in a battle of wits with the unarmed and I don't participate in flame wars.

That being said, I hope you enjoy my writing and look forward to your input. Look for the first post shortly following this one.
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John said...

I had a friend with whom I worked at Continental Airlines for a while. He worker eight hours per day, and played WoW 12 hours per day. I find that absolutely frightning.

John said...

Er, he "worked."