06 November 2008

So, who is he?

Mosaic of Presidential SealImage by webbmb via FlickrSo, you want to know the difference between where we should and should not be politically?

Remember 2000? Remember the recount after recount? Remember the Supreme Court stepping in and calling it over? (and then the Times doing their own recount? Oh yeah, I forgot, they never DID publicize the fact that W actually DID win)

Remember the "selected not elected" comments? How could you, they were being thrown around even after the 2004 elections where there was no doubt that Bush won.

The bottom line is that there was a part of the American public who just would not accept George W. Bush as "their" president.

And it's starting to happen again, but on the other side. Glenn Beck details exactly how I feel about this issue here where he speaks with a conservative that Glenn correctly labels as un-American.

Barack Obama is not the Democrat president. He is the President of the United States of America. He is my president.

This doesn't mean that I will be throwing out my values. Nor does it mean that I won't be screaming at my media outlet (TV, radio, computer, etc.) if he starts pushing things that I find asinine. But then I did the same thing with W.

Barack Obama is my president unless he does something to deserve removal from that position, and the Constitution has provisions for that. My job now is to be the loyal opposition. But, by god, if I travel out of the country, I will damn well defend my president instead of bashing him just to gain the favor of those outside the family, just like I did with the last Democrat president in 1993.

Our country was founded by people with diverse backgrounds who disagreed on many issues, but understood one thing - there must be unity. That is why the country's motto is

E Pluribus Unum.
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Tacoloft said...

Hey Trav- I hear and agree with you loud and clear. Obama has a blank slate as far as I am concerned- now lets hope he does some good with it. He is also my President as the leader of the country I love.