20 October 2008

A new tack

Second page of Constitution of the United States.Image via WikipediaSo, I've been listening to Glenn Beck lately. He's about the only radio talk show host I can stomach - probably because his slant is not about being conservative or liberal (even though he is obviously conservative). Rather it is that he is concerned about what is right for America. In fact he is my political Dr. Laura, if you will. Except I can listen to his show.

< Dr. Laura Tangent >
Please don't get me wrong. I love Dr. Laura and her perspective. I can't listen to her show because I always want to reach through the phone and strangle her callers. She is waaaaay more patient that I will ever be. Kudos to her. This is just in case someone who knows her well enough to read and tell her about my little blog (laughable) or in case she, herself, reads this blog (even more laughable - does anyone read this blog?) that they will understand my rant and (hopefully) take my comments in the spirit in which they are intended.
< /Dr. Laura Tangent >

Where was I? Oh, yeah, so I was listening to Glenn's (wow - look at me, being all informal here) show today while he was discussing the Constitution and how, in times of trouble, it is those that have not only read the Constitution but studied it along with the founders' writings to understand intent, that will be the leaders when things go to crap. And I agree with him that, eventually, things will go to crap. I just don't think that we are quite to the crap phase yet. (I could regale you with what I believe about the current situation, but then you'd think I was a conspiracy nut)

Back to the point. From now on I will be writing a Constitutional post once a week. I'm considering Friday, but I'll mull it over and get back to all one of you who read this fine, fine piece of work.

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