18 July 2008

Welcome to the Grey Ranks

The format of the Grey Ranks blog is being developed. It will be a collaborative effort of a few individuals who feel strongly about their community and what is happening in it. We hope you enjoy reading what we have to share.

For this first post, I wanted to explain the blog title and, with it, an idea of why we are blogging. The best description of who the Grey Ranks were comes from wikipedia:

Grey Ranks (Polish Szare Szeregi) was a codename for the underground Polish Scouting Association (ZwińÖzek Harcerstwa Polskiego) during World War II. The organisation was created on September 27, 1939, actively resisted and fought German occupation until January 18, 1945 in Warsaw and largely contributed to all resistance actions of the Polish Underground State and some of its members (Grupy Szturmowe) were among the best trained troops of the Home Army. source

There is a good deal more that maybe I'll cover in one of my posts later on.

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ButtonGear said...

VERY good foundation, T. I think this is something we can build on.